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Nissan Navara Pathfinder D40 R51 2005-2013 Haynes Service Repair Manual

The Nissan Pathfinder was an SUV plus today a CUV produced by Nissan Motors because 1985, extracted from Nissan's compact pickup truck platform. The Pathfinder is slotted inside size involving the Murano plus Armada or Patrol, in cost between your Xterra plus Murano. The Pathfinder's conventional Japanese rival is the Toyota 4Runner.
In August 2003, Nissan unveiled Dunehawk Concept plus showcased it at the IAA 2003 inside Frankfurt, previewing the upcoming Pathfinder's shape. At the 2004 North American International Car Show, Nissan unveiled a completely redesigned Pathfinder for the 2005 model year. The fresh R51 Pathfinder utilizes the Nissan F-Alpha platform, therefore returning with a body about frame construction. It is driven with a four.0 L V6 engine VQ40DE, 288 lb�·ft) or perhaps a 2.5 L YD25DDTi, 403 N�·m) Turbo Diesel.

In late 2003, a full-size SUV, the Pathfinder Armada, debuted. Although they share a normal name, they have small similarity plus employ different platforms. The "Pathfinder" prefix was dropped for 2005, exiting really the name "Armada".

The Pathfinder is available because the Terrano inside several markets outside of North America. In 2004, whenever the redesigned Pathfinder was introduced the Pathfinder name became global because it available internationally. These were the initially with be available inside the UK.

The 2005 model introduced a 3rd row of seats with the Pathfinder line for the very first time.

The 2005-2010 models have been topic with a class action suit due to an matter with breaks inside the radiator which permit coolant with leak into the transmission causing lasting damage which demands transmission plus radiator substitution. Nissan instituted a graduated extended guarantee to pay for all expenses about 8 years or 80,000 miles followed with a 00 deductible guarantee as much as 9 years or 90,000 miles along with a 00 deductible guarantee about 10 years plus 100,000 miles. Nissan offers a substitution radiator for around 0 USD or an approved Value Advantage radiator for around 0 USD; work, coolant fluid, plus store charges usually apply.
The F-Alpha is an vehicle platform from Nissan Motor Company that is utilized inside their pickups plus SUV's. The newest adaptation of the platform is the basis for the Nissan Frontier plus Titan pickup pickups and also the Nissan Xterra, Pathfinder, Armada plus Infiniti QX56 SUVs, plus Nissan NV series van. A modified variation of the platform is furthermore selected for the Suzuki Equator. This platform is configured with an independent suspension or strong axle suspension arrangement and bigger machines, several with varying valve timing.
An up-to-date variation debuted at the Geneva Motor Show inside 2010. Then accessible with a Nissan 3.0-litre V6 Turbodiesel producing 240 hp,406 ft�·lbf @ 2,500 rpm when an upgrade YD25DDTi Turbodiesel energy rises with 140 kW â€� up 14 kW â€� whilst torque increases by 47 Nm with 450 Nm. Over the combined cycle manual versions employ 8.4 L/100 km â€� an improvement of 1.4 L/100 km â€� whilst CO2 emissions have fallen by 40g/km with 224 g/km. Both figures are class competitive. A variation of the engine with a diesel particulate filter is moreover obtainable in certain markets.

The R51 series Pathfinder has been available plus yielded outside North America.
Nissan Navara is the name for the D22 plus D40 decades of Nissan pickup pickups available inside Asia; inside North, Central plus South America as well as the Philippines it's available because the Nissan Frontier. The line started inside 1997, substituting the D21 Nissan Hardbody truck. As of 2002, the D22 series pickup is not any longer available inside Japan; the D22's main marketplace being North America. It is today built at the Nissan factory inside Canton, Mississippi.

Nissan was the pioneer of the "Hardbody" or "Nissan Frontier" because 1986. The initially was the D21, regarded as a little choose up. After over 10 years with all the D21, the next generation Navara was produced from 1997 plus went till 2004 that was classed because a compact sized choose up. It was changed with all the bigger, taller, longer D40, that Nissan today considers with be a mid-size choose up truck.

The Navara gets its name within the Navarre area of northern Spain, as well as the European adaptation is made at the Nissan factory inside Barcelona. In many European markets it's available because the Nissan NP300.
The QR25DE is a 2.5 L variant built with cast steel connecting rods, a steel timing chain, counter-rotating balance shafts, plus an aluminum consumption manifold. The engine bore is 89 mm with a stroke of 100 mm along with a compression ratio ranging from 9.5:1 with 10.5:1 depending found on the car.

Output is rated 175 hp at 6000 rpm with 180 lb�·ft of torque at 4000 rpm inside the Altima 2.5 plus Sentra SE-R models. Altimas which are PZEV compliant create 170 hp plus 175 lb�·ft of torque. In the 2005+ Nissan Frontier the QR25DE generates 152 hp plus 171 lb�·ft of torque. The crankshaft comes totally balanced permitting treatment of the countertop shafts built into the elder design QR25. The new versions are additionally loaded with a composite consumption manifold plus compression has been bumped about 10.5:1

Nissan has issued many recalls about early QR25DE motors relating with excessive oil usage. The many notorious illustration of engine oil expenditure recalls relates with 2002 Nissan Sentra Se-R Spec-V cars. Recalls noted failure of the engine exhaust manifold catalyst due with excessive oil usage leading with contamination of the catalyst plus failure. Nissan changed QR25DE machines beneath remember usually multiple time found on the same car. The cause of engine oil expenditure is due with a mixture of closer piston ring location towards the crown of the piston, overheating of the piston rings, failure of piston rings with seal properly, plus extended stroke distance of the piston in the cylinder. contamination of catalyst substrate with oil eventually causes the catalyst with ignite plus restrict exhaust flow, the happen is exhaust backpressure heighten together with overheating of the exhaust program plus exhaust connected side of the engine.
The Navara came with a 174 bhp engine about post September '06 cars with all the introduction of the Euro IV compliant engine). It has 4 trim degrees, the S, SE, Outlaw plus Aventura. The Aventura trim package is loaded with leather upholstery, Dual Zone Climate Control, 6 CD/MP3 changer plus satellite navigation because standard.

In Australia, New Zealand plus South Africa, the D40 Navara has a some variations within the UK versions. There are 2 machines accessible, 2.5-liter Turbo-charged Diesel engine as well as the V-6 petrol. The Diesel engine inside 4WD models produces 128 kW at 4000 rpm plus 403 N�·m at 2000 rpm, with all the 2WD models producing less at 106 kW at 4000 rpm plus 356 N�·m at 2000 rpm. The V-6 produces 198 kW at 5600 rpm of energy plus 385 N�·m at 4000 rpm. Both motors come with a standard 5-speed Automatic, with a 6-speed guide accessible for the Diesel. These models never have leather, climate control or satellite navigation program like their UK versions.

The 2008 model of the Navara was established about July 2. Changes included a unique fashion of alloy wheels, bluetooth because standard, side function lights plus indicators found on the wing mirrors.

The 2008 Single Cab became obtainable in Thailand March 6. The 2.5 engine reduces the torque output from 356 N�·m with 294 N�·m @ 2,000 rpm. This model has 15" wheels. Power steering is standard. Additionally accessible are electrical mirrors plus central force locking because optional additional. Nissan planned with market the single cab plus started with export internationally at the same month. Nissan furthermore continues with market the D22 pickups with minor changes for a lower cost.

The Nissan Navara Double Cab became obtainable in Malaysia about November 5, 2008. It is accessible with a 2.5L diesel engine producing 128 kW plus 403 N�·m, just with a 5-speed automatic. A year later the 6-speed manual variation became accessible. The D22 series Nissan Frontier remains about sale inside Malaysia with a manual transmission. In November 2008 Nissan Thailand Released the all unique Nissan Navara Calibre with a 144 PS @4000 rpm 36.3 kg�·m @2000 rpm accessible with a 5-speed automatic an a 6-speed guide transmissions. The Navara is not available inside Singapore due with the excellent excise duty for the pickup pickups there, plus deficiency of interest.
This engine qualities the VP44 rotary injection pump plus is turbocharged plus intercooled. In the Presage/Bassara it is actually fitted sideways with a varying vane turbocharger plus torque is limited with around 280 N�·m accommodate the 4 speed automatic gearbox connected. In the D22 Navara/Kingcab/Frontier the engine is basically the same alternative than modifications with accessories, mounts plus plumbing to support the longitudinal engine design. The turbo is a wastegated IHI RHF4 that is equally intercooled. The stronger gearbox enables it with provide more torque than the Presage/Bassara variation.
Common rail direct gas injection is a contemporary variant of direct gas injection program for petrol plus diesel machines.

On diesel machines, it qualities a high-pressure gas rail feeding individual solenoid valves, because opposed with low-pressure gas pump feeding device injectors. Third-generation usual rail diesels today feature piezoelectric injectors for improved precision, with gas pressures as much as 3,000 bar.
The prevalent rail program prototype was developed inside the late 1960s by Robert Huber of Switzerland as well as the technologies further developed by Dr. Marco Ganser at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology inside Zurich, later of Ganser-Hydromag AG inside Ober�¤geri.

The initial lucrative use inside a creation car started inside Japan by the mid-1990s. Dr. Shohei Itoh plus Masahiko Miyaki of the Denso Corporation, a Japanese automotive components maker, developed the popular rail gas program for thick duty cars plus turned it into useful utilize about their ECD-U2 common-rail program installed found on the Hino Rising Ranger truck plus available for general employ inside 1995. Denso claims the initial commercial excellent stress usual rail program inside 1995.

Modern widespread rail systems, while functioning found on the same principle, are governed by an engine control device that opens every injector electronically instead of mechanically. This was thoroughly prototyped inside the 1990s with collaboration between Magneti Marelli, Centro Ricerche Fiat plus Elasis. After analysis plus development by the Fiat Group, the shape was acquired by the German business Robert Bosch GmbH for completion of development plus refinement for mass-production. In hindsight, the sale was the tactical mistake for Fiat, because the modern technologies proven with be very successful. The firm had small choice nevertheless with market, but, because it was inside a bad financial state at the time plus lacked the resources with complete development about its own. In 1997 they extended its employ for passenger vehicles. The initial passenger vehicle which utilized the widespread rail program was the 1997 model Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD, plus later which same year Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI.

Common rail motors have been utilized inside sea plus locomotive applications for certain time. The Cooper-Bessemer GN-8 is an illustration of the hydraulically operated normal rail diesel engine, sometimes known because a modified normal rail.

Vickers utilized popular rail systems inside submarine machines circa 1916. Doxford Engines Ltd. chosen a well-known rail program whereby a multi-cylinder reciprocating gas pump produced a stress of around 600 bars, with all the gas being stored inside accumulator bottles. Pressure control was attained through an adjustable pump discharge stroke along with a "spill valve". Camshaft-operated mechanical timing valves were employed to provide the spring-loaded Brice/CAV/Lucas injectors, that injected by the side of the cylinder into the room created involving the pistons. Early motors had a pair of timing cams, 1 for ahead running plus 1 for astern. Later machines had 2 injectors per cylinder, as well as the final series of constant-pressure turbocharged motors were fitted with 4 injectors per cylinder. This program was chosen for the injection of both diesel oil plus thick gas oil.

The widespread rail program is appropriate for all kinds of road vehicles with diesel machines, ranging from city vehicles with executive vehicles. The principal dealers of contemporary widespread rail systems are Robert Bosch GmbH, Delphi, Denso, plus Siemens VDO.
Solenoid or piezoelectric valves create potential fine electronic control over the gas injection time plus amount, as well as the high stress which the popular rail development makes accessible delivers greater gas atomisation. To lower engine sound, the engine's electronic control device could inject a little amount of diesel before the key injection event, therefore reducing its explosiveness plus vibration, in addition to optimising injection timing plus number for variations inside gas standard, cold beginning and so forth. Some advanced widespread rail gas systems do because numerous because five injections per stroke.

Common rail motors need the especially brief with no heating-up time, depending about ambient temperature, plus make lower engine sound plus emissions than elder systems.

Diesel motors have historically employed numerous types of gas injection. Two prevalent kinds include the device injection program as well as the distributor/inline pump systems. While these elder systems offered exact gas number plus injection timing control, they were limited by many factors:

They were cam driven, plus injection stress was proportional with engine speed. This usually meant which the greatest injection stress can just be attained at the greatest engine speed as well as the maximum achievable injection stress reduced because engine speed reduced. This relationship is true with all pumps, even those utilized about popular rail systems. With device or distributor systems, the injection stress is linked with the instant stress of the single pumping event without accumulator, and therefore the relationship is a bit more prominent plus troublesome.
They were limited inside the amount plus timing of injection occasions which may be commanded throughout a single combustion event. While several injection occasions are potential with these elder systems, it is actually more difficult plus costly with achieve.
For the typical distributor/inline program, the begin of injection happened at a pre-determined stress plus ended at a pre-determined stress. This characteristic resulted from "dummy" injectors inside the cylinder head that opened plus shut at pressures determined by the spring preload used with the plunger inside the injector. When the stress inside the injector reached a pre-determined level, the plunger might lift plus injection might commence.

In prevalent rail systems, a high-pressure pump shops a reservoir of gas at excellent stress � as much as plus above 2,000 bars. The expression "widespread rail" pertains with the truth which the gas injectors are provided with a popular gas rail that is nothing over a stress accumulator where the gas is stored at excellent stress. This accumulator supplies numerous gas injectors with high-pressure gas. This simplifies the cause of the high-pressure pump because it just must keep the commanded stress at a target. The gas injectors are usually ECU-controlled. Whenever the gas injectors are electrically triggered, a hydraulic valve is mechanically or hydraulically opened plus gas is sprayed into the cylinders at the desired stress. Because the gas stress vitality is stored remotely as well as the injectors are electrically actuated, the injection stress at the begin plus end of injection is extremely close to the stress inside the accumulator, therefore producing a square injection rate. If the accumulator, pump plus plumbing are sized correctly, the injection stress plus rate is the same for every of the numerous injection occasions.

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