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Mitsubishi Magna V6 Verada repair manual 1991-1996

About the Mitsubishi Magna

The Magna was reengineered from the ground-up in 1991, with the introduction of a sedan and wagon version based on the Japanese Mitsubishi Diamante and Sigma hardtop. This range was larger; more strongly built and had more power than its previous version. Unlike the Japanese model on which it was based, this Magna featured B-pillars, more conventional suspension designs and fewer electronics. Nevertheless, the Australian-made TR Magna range was designed to be exported and the build quality reflected this engineering intent.

Like the first generation Magna, the TR model was initially an entirely four cylinder range. With the Australian economy still in recession at the time, there was little enthusiasm for introducing a six-cylinder vehicle. But by 1993, with the economy recovering and oil prices stable, the TR Magna was offered with a V6 engine, the same engine that had been present on the KR Verada since late 1991. The Magna and Verada shared the same body, however, Verada models (Ei and Xi) had larger bumper bars for export to the USA and luxury fittings, including electronic suspension control on the top of the range Verada Xi. From 1993, V6 engines were also made available as an option on Magna models.

All models were facelifted in March 1994 with the TS and KS facelifts of both Magna and Verada. Both engines were further upgraded and the Verada gained more export features including a different grille and headlights and extra equipment to distinguish it from the increasingly popular Magna V6.

It is claimed that most of these later Magna 2.6 and 3.0 EFI engines adapt to premium unleaded fuel for a substantial boost in power and torque.

This body shape was replaced by the all-new TE series in 1996 although TS wagon stocks continued into 1997 until the new TE wagon was ready for launch. Famously, to demonstrate that the MMAL was able to build high quality products, a wagon model was flown to Japan, planting the seed for world exports of the Australian-made Magna range. The ensuing premium export version of the V6 wagon was sold locally as the Mitsubishi TS Verada Touring Wagon in December 1995 in a limited edition of only 81 manuals and 99 automatics. In Japan it was sold in small numbers as the Diamante wagon.

Ongoing crash studies suggest that this series provided outstanding crash protection for a four-cylinder family car of its time.

TR (1991–1994)

* GLX manual and auto (carb only)
* Executive manual and auto (EFI only)
* Executive V6 manual and auto
* SE manual and auto (EFI only)
* Elite auto (EFI only)

TS (1994–1996)

* GLX manual and auto (carb only)
* Executive manual and auto (EFI only)
* Executive V6 manual and auto
* SE manual and auto (EFI only)
* SE V6 auto
* V6-SI manual and auto (Sedan Only)
* Advance V6 manual and auto

Mitsubishi V6 Verada Gregory's Service and Repair Manual 1991-1996 1992 1993 1994 1995

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