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The Mercedes-Benz W201 is a compact executive automobile produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1982 with 1993, placed under the Mercedes-Benz E-Class plus S-Class --- plus advertised beneath variants of the Mercedes 190 nameplate.

The W201 showcased a patented back 5-link suspension, subsequently employed inside E plus C class models, front plus back anti-roll bars, anti-dive plus anti-squat geometry --- in addition to accessible airbags, ABS brakes plus seatbelt pretensioners.

The W201 loved sturdy sales inside Europe however, fared improperly inside the United States. Series creation ended April 13, 1993 following the manufacture of around 1.8 million examples. The 190 as well as its variants were succeeded inside the compact executive vehicle segment by the C-Class, a newly built nameplate.Mechanical gas injection, K stands for German: "Kontinuierlich", meaning continuous. This really is different from pulsed injection systems because the gas flows constantly from all injectors, whilst the gas pump pressurises the gas about around 5 bar. The air which is taken inside is moreover weighed - with determine the amount of gas with inject. Commonly called Continuous Injection System inside the USA. This program has no lambda loop or lambda control. K-Jetronic debuted inside the 1973.5 Porsche 911T inside January 1973, plus was later installed into a amount of Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Ferrari, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Saab, DeLorean plus Ford vehicles. The final auto with utilize K-Jetronic was the 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6.

Fuel is pumped within the tank with a big control valve called a gas distributor, that separates the single gas provide pipe within the tank into small pipes, 1 for every injector. The gas distributor is installed atop a control vane from that all intake air should pass, as well as the program functions by differing gas amount provided with the injectors based found on the angle of the air vane, which is determined by the amount of air passing the vane, plus by the control stress. The control stress is regulated with a mechanical device called the control stress regulator or the warm-up regulator. Depending found on the model, the CPR can be utilized with pay for altitude, full weight, and/or a cold engine. On vehicles loaded with an oxygen sensor, the gas mixture is modified with a device called the frequency valve. The injectors are easy spring-loaded check valves with nozzles; when gas program stress becomes significant enough with overcome the counterspring, the injectors start spraying.
Mercedes invested over 600 million researching plus developing the 190 plus subsequently mentioned it was massively over-engineered . The W201-based 190 was introduced inside November 1982.

Local red tape inside Bremen prevented Daimler-Benz from building the 190 there, thus creation was began inside Sindelfingen at a ability of merely 140,000 units per year. Eventually following only the initially year, Bremen was cleared for manufacturing of the 190, substituting its commercial car lines, plus there the 190 was built with all the initial running modifications because launch.

The 190E model utilizes the Bosch Jetronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection with meter gas rather of the carburetor of 190 models. Thanks with their gas injection program, 190E models created more energy plus were more gas effective compared to non-fuel injected 190 models.
In 1982, the initially accessible models were the 190 plus 190E. Every was fitted with an M102 1,997 cc displacement engine. The 190 was fitted with an M102.921 90 hp engine as well as the 190E fitted with an M102.962 122 hp engine. In September 1983, the 190E 2.3 was introduced for the North American marketplace just, fitted with a 113 hp M102.961 engine. This reduction inside force was due with the emissions guidelines inside the North American marketplace at the time. The consumption manifold, camshaft, plus gas injection program were processed inside 1984, as well as the engine yielded 122 hp. The carbureted 190 was revised inside 1984 too, improving its horsepower rating with 105 hp. 1984 furthermore saw the arrival of the 2.3-16 "Cosworth."

In 1985, the 190E 2.3 today came fitted with all the M102.985 engine, producing 130 hp hp till it was revised inside 1987 with utilize Bosch KE3-Jetronic Injection, a different ignition program, along with a high compression ratio, producing 136 hp.

1987 marked the arrival of the initially inline-six prepared 190, the 190E 2.6. Fitted with all the M103.940 engine, the 190E 2.6 offered 160 hp with a catalyst plus 164 hp without. In the North American marketplace, the 190E 2.6 was available till 1993, the finish of the W201 chassis s manufacturing. From 1992-1993 the 2.6 was accessible because a unique "Sportline" model, with an upgraded suspension plus interior. The 190E 2.3 was available till 1988, then went about a short hiatus till it was available again from 1991 till 1993.
The W201 190D is acknowledged for the extreme security plus ruggedness with countless examples doing over 500,000 miles without any main function. The 190D was obtainable in 3 different motors. The 2.0 was the baseline, plus was not advertised inside North America. The 2.2, with all the same energy because the 2.0, was introduced inside September 1983. It was just obtainable in model years 1984 plus 1985, plus just inside the USA plus Canada. The 2.5 was obtainable in the late 80 s plus early 90 s. The 2.5 Turbo, when available inside mainland Europe, however not the UK for years, was accessible with American customers just inside 1987 plus is today somewhat of the collectors item. The outdoor of the 2.5 Turbo is different from alternative models because it has fender vents inside the front passenger side fender for the turbo with inhale.
The Mercedes-Benz W126 is a series of flagship cars produced by German automotive marque Mercedes-Benz. Premiering inside September 1979 because the successor with the earlier W116 line, the W126 was the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz flagship with officially bear the S-Class name referring with Sonderklasse or "unique class." The W126 was initially available inside straight-6, V8, plus turbo diesel sedan models. In September 1981, 2-door coup versions of the W126 were introduced. Compared with its predecessor, the W126 was more aerodynamic, gas effective, capacious, plus effective. The W126 S-Class debuted a modern Mercedes-Benz shape fashion that was subsequently selected about additional cars inside the organization s lineup. The W126 line moreover introduced various Mercedes-Benz protection innovations, including the initial seatbelt pretensioners.

The W126 had a twelve-year creation run between 1979 plus 1991, the greatest of any S-Class generation because the flagship models were initially integrated the mid-1950s.
After the first of the 1970s generation W116, Mercedes-Benz started plans for the next-generation S-Class model inside October 1973. Codenamed "project W126," the project had certain goals: an improved ride, greater handling, plus improved gas efficiency. These improvements were aimed at assisting retain the S-Class marketplace leadership because the planet s best-selling prestige deluxe sedan. After the 1970s oil crisis, Mercedes-Benz had prepared gas efficiency an incredibly relevant objective, even inside the big V8 engined versions of the S-Class.

In terms of the body shape, the goal of the W126 shape team, led by Mercedes-Benz s Bruno Sacco, was with provide a automobile which was sleeker plus more aerodynamic than the past model. The application of lighter contents plus alloys combined with thorough wind tunnel testing with decrease total drag meant the auto consumed regarding 10% less gas than its predecessor. The maximum speed was equally improved.

After six years of development, the W126 was formally introduced at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung inside Frankfurt about September 1979. The initial lineup showcased 7 models inside standard plus extended wheelbase sedan body styles: the 280 SE/SEL, 380 SE/SEL, 500 SE/SEL plus 300 SD. Technically, the long-wheelbase variants were codenamed V126, yet this wasn't popularly acknowledged. In 1981, the coup adaptation of the W126 S-Class premiered at the IAA with all the 500 SEC model. In 1981, Wheels Magazine chosen the W126 model 380 SE because its Car of the Year.

Four years following the introduction of the fuel-efficiency "Energy System," the model range had been reworked completely. In September 1985, again at the IAA inside Frankfurt, the reworked model range was reintroduced. Apart from graphic changes with the bumpers, side covers plus alloys, the changes prepared with the accessible assortment of engine variants was many noticeable. Two newly designed 6-cylinder motors plus unique four.2 plus 5.6 litre V8 s were added, plus different machines were further upgraded.

The W126 generation was changed by the W140 inside 1991, though a satellite factory inside South Africa is recognized with have continued creation till 1994. The different body designs of the W126 S-Class attained a combined sales total of 892,123 units, generating the W126 the top S-Class ever yielded.
An aerodynamic vehicle usually integrate the wheel arcs plus lights into the total form with lessen drag. It is streamlined; for illustration, it refuses to have sharp edges crossing the wind stream above the windshield plus usually feature a kind of tail called a fastback or Kammback or liftback. Note which the Aptera 2e, the Loremo, as well as the Volkswagen 1-litre automobile try with decrease the region of their back. It can have a flat plus smooth floor with help the Venturi impact plus provide desirable downwards aerodynamic forces. The air which rams into the engine bay, is employed for cooling, combustion, as well as for guests, then reaccelerated with a nozzle plus then ejected below the floor. For mid plus back motors air is decelerated plus pressurized inside a diffuser, loses several stress because it passes the engine bay, plus fills the slipstream. These vehicles want a seal between your low stress area about the wheels as well as the significant stress about the gearbox. They all have a closed engine bay floor. The suspension is either streamlined or retracted. Door handles, the antenna, plus rooftop rails may have a streamlined form. The side mirror may just have a round fairing because a nose. Air flow from the wheel-bays is mentioned with grow drag though race vehicles want it for brake cooling plus countless vehicles produce the air within the radiator into the wheel bay.
Mercedes-Benz introduced the W123 four-door versions inside January, 1976. While there were certain technical similarities with their predecessors, the hot models were heavier inside wheelbase plus outdoor dimensions. The styling was furthermore up-to-date, though stylistic hyperlinks with all the W114 / W115 were maintained. Initially, all models except 280/280E showcased quad unequal-size round headlights as well as the latter big rectangular units. Whenever facelifted these units became standard over the range. All W115 machines were carried over, with all the 3 litre 5-cylinder diesel model being renamed from "240D 3.0" with "300D". The just unique engine was the 250 s 2,525 cc inline-six which changed the aged 2,496 cc Type M114 "six".

In the spring of 1976, a coup variation was introduced about a less wheelbase than the saloon vs 2,795 mm) for the saloon). This W123C/CE was accessible because a 230C plus because a 280C/CE inside many markets; inside North America there were more 300CD versions with naturally aspirated, later turbocharged 3 litre diesel machines.

It is a tribute with the auto s instant recognition -- plus potentially with the caution built into the manufacturing plans -- which 9 months following its introduction, a black marketplace had developed inside Germany for Mercedes-Benz W123s accessible for immediate delivery. Customers ready with purchase brand-new vehicles off their neighborhood authorized dealer for the recommended list cost confronted waiting occasions inside extra of twelve months. Meanwhile, models that have been hardly selected plus were accessible virtually instantly commanded a premium over the unique cost of about DM 5,000.

From August 1977, long-wheelbase versions) were yielded. These were accessible because 7/8 seater saloons with functions bodies or because a chassis with complete front body clip, the latter serving because the base for ambulance plus hearse bodies by exterior dealers like Binz or Miesen. These "Lang" versions may be ordered because 240D, 300D plus 250 models.

At the Frankfurt Car Show inside September, 1977 the W123T property was introduced; the T inside the model designation stood for "Touring plus Transport". All motors derivative except "200TD" were obtainable in the range. T creation started inside March, 1978 inside Mercedes Bremen factory.

In early 1979, the diesel models force output was increased; energy rose from 55 PS with 60 PS inside the 200D, from 65 PS with 72 PS inside the 240D plus from 80 PS with 88 PS inside the 300D; simultaneously, the 220D went from manufacturing.

The initially Mercedes turbo diesel manufacturing W123 appeared inside September, 1979. This was the 300 TD Turbodiesel, accessible with automatic transmission just. In many markets, the turbocharged 5-cylinder 3 litre diesel engine was available just inside the T body design, whilst inside North America it was equally obtainable in saloon plus coup guises.

June 1980 saw the introduction of new 4-cylinder petrol motors. A new 2 litre 4 with less stroke changed the aged M115, a fuel-injected 2.3 litre adaptation of the engine the older carbureted 230. Both motors were more effective than their predecessors.

In 1980/81 the carbureted 280 versions went from production; the fuel-injected 280E continued with be available.

In September, 1982, all models received a light facelift. The rectangular headlights, earlier fitted just with the 280/280E, were standardized over the board, because was force steering. Because February, 1982, an optional 5-speed guide transmission was obtainable in all models.

W123 creation ended inside January, 1986 with 63 T-models rolling out. Most prevalent single models were the 240D, the 230E as well as the 200D.

W123 introduced innovations including ABS, a retractable steering column plus an airbag for the driver.

Available choices included MB-Tex upholstery or velour or leather upholstery, inside lumber trim, passenger side outdoor mirror, 5-speed guide transmission, 4-speed automatic transmission, force windows with rear-seat switch cut-outs, vacuum driven central locking, rear-facing additional seats, Standheizung, self-locking differential, sunlight rooftop, air conditioner, climate control, "Alpine" horn, headlamp wipers, Tempomat, force steering, seat heating, catalytic converter 1984 equally inside Germany for the 230E of that 1 1000 were built).

Power assisted disk brakes were standard about all W123s.

The fresh S-class generation development started inside 1966, that was just a year following the release of the W108/09. This was the initially Mercedes saloon with feature the brand fresh business styling theme that was with be continued till 1993 whenever the 190 was discontinued. The shape, finalized inside 1969 became a dramatic leap forward, with more masculine lines which combined with create an elegant plus stylish character. The standard shape concept was really inspired within the R107 SL-Class roadster, specifically the front plus back lights.

The auto was presented inside September 1972. The model range initially included 2 versions of the M110 engine - the 280S as well as the 280SE, and the 350 SE, driven by the M116 engine. Half a year later 2 fresh models driven by the M117 engine were put into the range - the 450SE as well as the 450SEL.

The many notable W116 was the high-performance, limited-production 450 SEL 6.9, that was introduced inside 1975, plus became the initially creation automobile with utilize an electronic four-wheel multi-channel anti-lock braking program because a choice from 1978 about. This model boasted the biggest engine installed inside a post-war Mercedes-Benz about which time, and showcased self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension.

The 300 SD sedan had a turbocharged 3.0-litre I5 diesel engine developed within the record breaking C111 experimental car.

The 450SEL was called the European Car of the Year inside 1974.

Production totaled 473,035 units. The W116 was succeeded by the W126 S-Class inside 1979. The W116 was available throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, plus Australia.
The Mercedes-Benz W114 plus W115 models are a series of coupes plus sedans introduced inside 1968 by Mercedes-Benz, produced from model year 1976, plus recognized on the market by nameplates designating their motors.

W114 models showcased six-cylinder machines plus were advertised because the 230, 250, plus 280, whilst W115 models showcased four-cylinder machines plus were advertised because the 220, 220, 230, plus 240.

All were styled by Paul Bracq, featuring a three-box shape. At the time, Mercedes advertised sedans inside 2 size classes, with all the W114/W115, placed under the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Starting inside 1968, Mercedes advertised their model range because New Generation Models, offering their ID plates the designation /8 . Because they were truly the only really unique vehicles of the so-called New Generation plus as a result of the /8 or cut 8 designation, W114 plus W115 models eventually received the German nickname Strich Acht, loosely translated into the English Stroke Eight.
The W114/W115 models were the initially post-war Mercedes-Benz creation vehicle with employ a newly designed chassis, not produced from preceding models. The unique chassis formatting of semi-trailing back arms plus ball-joint front end, initial shown inside the W114/W115 chassis will be chosen in every modern Mercedes passenger auto models till the development of the multi-link back suspensions of the 1980s. The W108/109 S-Class chassis of the 280S/8, 280SE/8 plus 300SEL/8 will be the last of the low-pivot swing axle plus king pin/double wishbone front ends. The upcoming S-Class -the W116 chassis- having the same technology of the W114/115.

The W114/W115 models changed the W110 Fintail models stemming from 1961, plus were themselves changed by the W123 series following 1976.

The Mercedes-Benz W114/W115 was the mid-sized saloon model for Mercedes, placed under the S-Class. Mercedes additionally established its initially 5-cylinder diesel engine OM617 inside this chassis. It followed seriously inside the way set by the W108/109 S-class, that was established inside 1965 plus heralded the unique shape idiom. The automobile was tailored by French car designer Paul Bracq whom was chief designer at Mercedes-Benz for models from 1957 with 1967, a period which included models like the Grosser Mercedes-Benz 600. Bracq was moreover responsible for BMW designs plus Peugeot designs.

Mercedes introduced a coup variant of the W114 inside 1969, featuring a longer boot bonnet plus accessible with either a 2.5 or 2.8 litre six-cylinder engine. While a classic plus understated shape these mostly expense considerably lower than their more prevalent contemporaries the Mercedes SL R107/C107 roadster plus coup that showcased the 3.5 or four.5 litre V8 beneath the bonnet, plus just a fraction of cost commanded by the Pagoda models. While a hard-top unlike the totally convertible SL, the pillarless shape authorized all of the windows with be lowered completely for open air motoring. Just 67,048 coups were produced from 1969 with 1976. Of these 24,669 were 280C plus 280CE, plus 42,379 were the lower 250C plus 250CE.
Mercedes-Benz W115 250 saloon: this post facelift adaptation is recognized with a lower plus wider radiator grill, plus differing treatment under the single front bumper / fender.

The W114 received a facelift inside 1973 - with a lower bonnet-line, lower plus broader grill, a single front bumper with substitute the double bumpers, lower location of the headlamps, A-pillar treatment for keeping the side windows obvious, treatment of the quarter-windows inside the front doorways, ribbed tail lights with reduce occlusion of the tail lights with road dirt, plus greater side mirrors. The inside received inertia reel belts along with a modern padded steering wheel with a four-hole shape.

the Mercedes-Benz W115 inside recognized with be a especially durable auto. In 2004 a Greek taxi driver donated his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D with the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection with four.6 million kilometers found on the odometer, that is recognised because the Mercedes-Benz with all the highest recorded mileage acknowledged with date.
The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a series of deluxe sedans yielded by German automaker Mercedes-Benz, a division of German organization Daimler AG. The category was officially introduced inside 1972 with all the W116 S-Class, that succeeded past Mercedes-Benz models dating with the mid-1950s. The S-Class has served because the flagship model for Mercedes for over fifty years inside its numerous incarnations. The S-Class has debuted most firm s newest innovations, including drivetrain technologies, inside attributes, plus protection systems. The S-Class has rated because the globe s best-selling deluxe sedan, as well as its newest generation, the W222 S-Class, premiered inside 2013. As inside past iterations, the W221 S-Class is available inside standard- plus long-wheelbase versions; I4, V6, V8, V12, diesel plus crossbreed powertrains are available. All models integrated Mexico or available inside the United States are just obtainable in extended wheelbase.

"S-Class" is the anglicized adaptation of "S-Klasse," a German abbreviation of "Sonderklasse," meaning "specialized class". In automotive terms it pertains with "a especially outfitted vehicle." Although chosen colloquially for years, following its official application inside 1972, six decades of officially called S-Class sedans have been yielded. Previous two-door coupe models of the S-Class were termed as SEC plus later S-Coupe. In 1998 the S-Class coupe was spun off inside a separate line because the CL-Class, still it is re-designated because the S-Coupe for the W222 model coupes.
In 1972, Mercedes-Benz introduced the W116 line, the initially with be officially called the S-Class. Produced from 1972 from 1980, the W116 series showcased a four-wheel independent suspension plus disk brakes. The 280, 350, plus 450 models showcased SE plus SEL versions. Production of the W116 totaled 473,035 units. This became a groundbreaking sedan for Mercedes-Benz, as well as for the very first time inside the business history, the auto had an apparent, blatant plus outward focus about protection located above a pure styling viewpoint. The overall shape incorporated many protection qualities developed within the "protection analysis vehicles" inside the mid-to-late 1960s with the early 1970s.

These protection attributes were all newly introduced passenger-car "firsts" about a manufacturing vehicle: padded door trim about the windows, seriously padded steering wheel, more comprehensive protection padding found on the dashboard plus about the inside, double asymmetric windshield wipers, headrests with a center depression to find the resident s head inside a more central position throughout a back impact, a rain-water administration program with better awareness consisting of deep channels about both sides of the windshield plus flowing into deeply channeled rainfall gutters, including synonymous designs found on the side mirrors, rounded body shapes over the edges, including the tops of the front fenders, etc., designed with ameliorate pedestrian injuries, ribbed back taillamp lenses that might stay clearer of dirt found on the recessed regions, an easy-to-access initial help kit stowed inside a recessed compartment found on the back parcel shelf prominently labeled with all the universally known "cross" signal that represents "initial aid", plus many different subtle protection attributes connected with both active plus passive protection. The Mercedes Benz S-Class is a classic chauffeur driven auto, plus has frequently been employed because standard by automobile hire firms. It is comfortable plus secure and also elegant looking; perfect for forces over the countryside or excellent class transport about a evening out.

The W116 models were big deluxe sedans. The W116 was greater found on the outside than the W108/W109 series it changed, however, had synonymous inside capability, because the extra volume was driven by many fresh plus aforementioned technology developments about automobile protection plus resident security inside a crash. The W116 introduced different improved passive protection attributes into the car shape, including a strengthened car resident shell. It was among the initial vehicles with be accessible with ABS, a driver s airbag supplemental restraint program, as well as the initially appearance of the turbocharger for the diesel engine.

The 450SE, then your many effective model inside the W116 lineup, was granted European Car of the Year inside 1974. At the New England Car Show inside 1972 held inside the fall season inside Boston, the Munroney Label of the 1973 450SE was right at ,000. 1973 was the initially model year of the W116 for the US marketplace. Starting inside 1975, the W116 was upgraded with a hot gas injection program with comply with revised exhaust emission practices inside European markets. A slight force reduction became a happen of the update, in 1978, a series of further engine updates restored authentic performance degrees beneath the hot gas injection systems. Between 1973 plus 1977, 997 Special Edition W116 models were created about purchase by Mercedes. These vehicles included stronger body paneling plus suspension plus was 50 kg heavier than its regular counterpart.

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