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Ford Territory repair manual Ellery 2004-2007 NEW

About the Ford Territory

The Ford Territory is a crossover SUV built by Ford Australia and based on the EA169 platform of the Ford BA Falcon. It was released in April 2004. Its code name inside Ford was E265. It won the 2004 Wheels Car of the Year award, the reviewers praising car-like handling and practicality as reasons for its win. Ford had reportedly spent A0 million on developing the range over four years. It is built on the same production line as the Australian-made Falcon. While many suspected that it would replace the Falcon wagon, the two models co-exist because the Territory is bought mainly by private buyers, the Falcon wagon by fleets. Australian and New Zealand models are slightly different visually: all models sold in New Zealand have body-colour bumpers and alloy wheels, including the base model. Front light detail resembles that of jewellery in a black box. In New Zealand, the only rear wheel drive model is the base version and all other models have all wheel drive; while in Australia, all models are available with either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. The Ford Territory was the first Australian-built vehicle to be fitted with an electronic stability control system. South African sales for the Territory began in 2005. Exports to Thailand began in 2006, with the Thai model being offered only in AWD Ghia trim.
The Territory is sold with two engine choices, the 4.0L inline-six engine as the standard engine, and a turbo charged six-cylinder version in the Turbo model. The base engine is available in RWD and AWD. The RWD model has a four-speed automatic gearbox, and the AWD has the ZF six-speed auto. The turbo model only comes in AWD. In 2010 Ford will update the current 4.0L inline-six to meet strict Euro 4 emission standards. In 2011 Ford will introduce a new model with the 2.7L diesel V6 that is shared with Land Rover, Peugeot and Citroen. It will use the ZF six-speed auto exclusively across the range. The engine will emit up to 25 percent less CO2 compared to the current 4.0L inline-six.Ford Falcon XE

Ford Territory 2004 - 2007 Ellery Service and Repair Manual 2005 2006

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