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Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ repair manual 1997 - 2007 - Ellery - NEW

Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ repair manual 1997 - 2007 - Ellery - NEW

NEW - 492 pages

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Detailed information on complete vehicle from basic tune-up to complete engine and transmission rebuilds. Cover both V6 and V8 engines. Includes specifications, wiring diagrams, diagnostic charts, tuned-up information, detailed and easy to follow diagrams. Holden Commodore VT,VX,VY and VZ 6 cylinder and V8 engines, 1997 to 2007 manual covers the complete Holden Commodore range including the Monaro, Utility (VU, VY), Station Wagon and Statesman models (WH & WK series) and also the Pontiac GTO and the Acclaim.

3.8 L V6 normally aspirated or supercharged
5.0 L V8 as used in VT Series I models
5.7 L V8 "Gen III" LS1 as used from VT Series II models onwards.

Hydra-matic 4L60-E 4 speed automatic (all engines)
Getrag 260 5 speed manual (for V6 engine, "M34" option code)
Getrag 290 5 speed manual (for V8 engine, "M35" option code)
Tremec T56 6 speed manual (for Gen III V8 engine, "MM6" option code)


  • General Information
  • Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance
  • Emission System
  • V6 Engine Maintenance and Rebuild
  • Holden - V8 - VT Series 1 Engine Maintenance and Rebuild
  • 5.7 Litre V8 "Gen 3" Engine Maintenance and Rebuild
  • Supercharger V6
  • Starter System
  • Alternator System
  • Cooling System
  • Ignition System
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Clutch
  • Automatic Transmission 4L60-E
  • Manual Transmissions - Getrag 260 (V6) - Getrag 290 (V8)
  • Drive/Tail Shaft, Universal Joints and CV Joints
  • Differentials and Drive Shafts
  • Steering
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • Brakes
  • ABS and ABS/ETC System
  • Exhaust System
  • Fuel Tank
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Windscreen Wipers and Washers
  • Heater and Conditioner System
  • Body
  • Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS)
  • Body Electrical
  • Fault Diagnosis, PCM and Trouble Shooting Information
  • Wiring Schematics

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