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Volvo V70 S80 Petrol Diesel 1998 2007 Haynes Service Repair Manual UK

About the Volvo S70

The Volvo V70 is a mid-size five-door property automobile / station wagon produced by Volvo Cars since 1997 and marketed over three generations along with a raised ground-clearance, all wheel send variant.

The very first generation (1997–2000) started as a renamed Volvo 850, which had been by itself available in sedan and station wagon configurations. The V70 had been available as a station wagon with an all-wheel thrust variant, marketed once the Cross Country (XC).

With styling by Peter Horbury, the second generation (2000-2007) used the P2 system with a 4 cm increase in width and elevation; a 5 cm lengthier wheelbase; a slightly shorter in general size than the predecessor and a slightly increased inside cargo volume. As with their predecessor, the second generation was also granted with an all-wheel thrust variant that has been originally advertised as the V70 XC, afterwards as the XC70.

The third creating employs the Ford EUCD platform and also been advertised since 2008 as the V70 (discontinued in North The united states after model 12 months 2010) and the XC70, an all wheel thrust model.The name V70 mixes V, waiting for versatility, and 70, denoting relative system size (e.g., a V70 is a larger system than an S60, but small than an S80).Volvo released the redesigned V70 to most markets at the end of 1999 as well as for the 2001 unit year in North America. Based on the then-new P2 platform, the second generation revealed major mechanized and design commonality because of the S60 sedan, granted frontal area of 2.23 m2 and a coefficient of drag of .30. The unique generation showcased adhesively bonded construction (vs. spot-welded) in key areas, with Volvo claiming the brand new figure to become 70 per cent more stiff than the predecessor. Important aspects of the artwork for the second creating are completed before Ford acquired Volvo in 1999.The indoor included raised seating within the second row, a frustrating aim in the passenger’s side of the center console to supply back for a number of optional accessories (e.g., an optional shopping bag holder), rear-seat table, trash basket and cargo net integrated into the back seat backs. Traditional interior features included a coating connect integrated into the part of the front passenger's headrest, glove compartment with pen holder and toll card, configurable building console and back seating with a two angle backrests — one position favoring cargo and the different favoring comfort.

At its introduction, the second creating V70 XC was given a major upgrade to its suspension a ground clearance of 8.2 in (210 mm).All P2 platform Volvos was given a minor facelift across all markets for the 2005 model 12 months, with changes to the front fascia, tail lamps, center console and electric system. Manufacturing of the part generation V70 finished with unit spring 2007.

The second generation V70 had been styled by British designer Peter Horbury, which replied "the artwork challenge involved marrying sports automobile design during the position aided by the necessary limits of a wagon back. A lot more expressly, he/she described the concept once the front end of a Jaguar E-type married to the back end of a Ford Transit van. the V70 of 2000 was the better mixture of usability in the spine of the vehicle, exactly where you need it, and a very cool, stylish, sporty smooth, voluptuous front that combined into that efficiency — showing you possibly can have both.As aided by the previous creating, Volvo offered a high show, all-wheel disc drive variant, the V70R, making use of a 2.5L Turbocharged I5 engine in high presentation tune produces 300 metric horsepower (221 kW; 296 horsepower) and 400 newton metres (295 lbf∑ft) of torque. The V70R is actually built with Volvo's 4C multi-mode suspension developed in conjunction with suspension specialists ÷hlins—allowing the driver to fluctuate the cars handling based on driving design and conditions. The V70R AWD has also larger Brembo brakes to supply tall results braking capabilities in line with its tall efficiency characteristics.Within the US marketplace the V70 is present as front or all-wheel drive (AWD) with a Geartronic five-speed programmed transmission. A five-speed guide transmission had been granted in the base 2.4 version. As before, there is an AWD-only off-road type with raised suspension, plastic figure cladding and an interior grab handle. This type earlier recognized as the V70 XC (Cross Country) through model year 2002 was later on renamed to XC70 launching because of the 2003 unit year in retaining with Volvo's XC90.

Furthermore following on from the earlier generation was the use of five-cylinder, 20 valve inline transverse-mounted engines. The number showcased an organically aspirated 2.4 litre engine and two turbocharged variants with either low- or high-pressure. The V70 five cylinder turbo engines in the US market happened to be the base V70 2.5 litre light-pressure turbo straight-five engine with 211 metric horsepower (155 kW; 208 horsepower) at 5,000 rpm; and torque of 320 newton metres (236 lbf∑ft) at 1,500–4,500 rpm, and the V70 T5 2.4 litre high-pressure turbo straight-five with 260 metric horsepower (191 kW; 256 hp) at 5,500 rpm; torque 350 newton metres (258 lbf∑ft) at 2,100–5,000 rpm. For the US market, both among these engines tend to be exclusively mated to a five-speed Geartronic automatic transmission. This 2.4 litre high-pressure turbo straight-5 "T5" system is used in a wide array of Volvos, and as with many stock show turbo engines the electricity production is truly restricted by the stock Volvo system tuning. Engines for the P2 V70 generation showcased an elective “ozone-eating” catalytic coating with regards to their radiators, advertised as PremAir, which converted ground-level ozone into pure oxygen under regular car process — with optimal effects in urban traffic and powerful sunlight.

Euro NCAP assessed the S60 (saloon variant of V70) in 2001 awarding it 4 of 5 stars for adult resident protective covering. The S60 scored 10 of 16 things in the front test and 16 of 16 in the part sample. The vehicle received 2 of 2 things available within the pole sample. The S60 was given a total of 28 of 37 things and subsequently four movie stars (25-32) in Euro NCAP's assessment.

The insurance coverage Institute for Highway security (IIHS) assessed the Volvo S60 (sedan variant). The S60 was given the IIHS's finest rate of "good" in front and rear tests. The S60 had been awarded the Institute's second finest report of "acceptable" within the side try. However, an enhancement in the driver dummy's pelvis/leg ranking from "marginal" to "acceptable" would give an in general "good" review within the side test.[

Volvo V70 2000 - 2007 and S80 1998 - 2006 Petrol and Diesel Haynes Owners Service & Repair Manual NEW 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

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