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Toyota Camry 1997-2002 Haynes Service Repair Manual

The Toyota Camry is an vehicle available internationally by the Japanese maker Toyota because 1982, spanning several decades. Originally compact inside size, later Camry models have grown to suit the mid-size classification—although the 2 sizes co-existed inside 1990s. Because the launch of the wide-bodied versions, Camry has been extolled by Toyota because the firm's 2nd "globe car" following the Corolla. In Japan, Camry is exclusive with Toyota Corolla Store retail dealerships. Narrow-body vehicles moreover spawned a rebadged sibling inside Japan, the Toyota Vista—also introduced inside 1982 plus available at Toyota Vista Store places. Diesel gas versions have earlier retailed at Toyota Diesel Store.

Between 1979 plus 1982, the Camry nameplate was delegated with a four-door sedan model inside Japan, recognised as the Celica Camry. Whenever Camry became an independent model line inside 1982 with all the V10 series, Toyota created it accessible because a five-door liftback inside addition with the sedan body style—both driven by gasoline plus diesel inline-four machines. At this point, Camry, today an global model line, was placed above the Carina plus Corona, 2 alternative similar-sized cars produced by Toyota. The next Camry V20 series, debuted inside 1986 following much the same formula because its predecessor. A station wagon substituted the liftback body variant along with a V6 engine way arrived. At the same time, Japan-only hardtop sedans produced their first.

The firm changed the V20 inside 1990 with all the V30 sedan plus hardtop, nevertheless this model series was exclusive with Japan. Automotive taxes laws because nation dictated the retention of the narrower body because used inside past Camry decades. But, overseas need for a bigger Camry lead to the development of the wide-body XV10 sedan plus station wagon which arrived inside 1991. Japan additionally received the wider XV10 because the Toyota Scepter. The business then issued an XV10-bodied coupé inside 1993 that has been spun-off inside 1998 because an independent model line, titled Camry Solara. Whenever the Japanese marketplace received a modern narrow-body V40 series inside 1994 with substitute V30, the wide-body XV10 continued unchanged. Its substitution, the XV20, arrived inside 1996—named Camry Gracia inside Japan. It wasn't till the narrow V40 ended manufacture inside 1998 which the Camry inside Japan was with again mirror the vehicles available internationally.

Japanese sedans dropped the Gracia suffix inside 1999, though it was retained by the wagon till its 2001 demise—withdrawn within the marketplace due with declining recognition. From 1998, the Vista ended its Camry alignment, plus rather branched into an independent model line with all the V50 series for an additional generation before the nameplate was withdrawn inside 2003. The next wide-body model, the XV30, came inside 2001. Then available just because a sedan, it today available 2 different front- plus rear-end shape treatments. Japan plus many international markets received 1 style; a separate, more traditional adaptation covered markets inside East plus Southeast Asia. With the XV40 of 2006, the Camry-derived Aurion become the donor model for the more traditional Camry available inside this area. The next plus active XV50 available because 2011 has lead to more markets adopting the alternative body panels, like Japan plus Eastern Europe.

Whenever Toyota introduced their deluxe Lexus brand inside 1989, it available a close derivative of the Camry/Vista hardtop sedan because the Lexus ES. The relationship continues for this day, yet over the decades, the ES—sold because the Toyota Windom inside Japan from 1991 by with 2005—gravitated further away from its Camry brethren. Between 2000 plus 2010 plus because 2012, Daihatsu has available a badge designed Camry because the Daihatsu Altis available just inside Japan. Badge technology has additionally happened inside Australia with all the Holden Apollo between 1989 plus 1996. From 1993, Toyota Australia badged V6-engined versions because Camry Vienta, becoming Toyota Vienta inside 1995 till the badge's departure inside 2000. Because 2006, the Toyota Aurion model from Australia has extracted within the Camry, yet with revised front- plus rear-end styling treatment along with a partially refurbished cabin.

Competing with mainstream plus more affordable models inside Japan plus many export markets, for different East plus Southeast Asian markets, the Camry is watched because a deluxe automobile where it sells strongly. In the United States, except for 2001, the Camry has been the best-selling passenger vehicle about 2013 because 1997. The Camry moreover sells perfectly inside Australia plus more lately inside the Middle East plus Eastern Europe. Up till 2004, tiny numbers had been exported with Western Europe. Despite global achievement, plus early achievement inside Japan, the later wide-body models have been a low-volume model inside its house marketplace of Japan.

Conventionally, inside purchase with choose the transmission working mode, the driver moves a selection lever positioned either found on the steering column or found on the floor. In purchase with choose methods, or with manually choose certain gear ratios, the driver should drive a switch inside or pull the handle out. Many cars position selector buttons for every mode found on the cockpit rather, freeing up room found on the central system. Vehicles conforming with US Government practices need the methods ordered P-R-N-D-L. Before this, quadrant-selected automatic transmissions frequently utilized a P-N-D-L-R design, or synonymous. Such a pattern led with a amount of deaths plus injuries owing with driver mistake causing unintentional gear selection, and also the risk of getting a selector jump into Reverse from Lower gear throughout engine braking maneuvers.

Automatic transmissions have many methods depending found on the model plus create of the transmission. Many of the usual methods include:

This selection mechanically locks the output shaft of transmission, restricting the car from moving in almost any way. A parking pawl prevents the transmission from rotating, plus consequently the car from moving. But, it ought to be noted which the vehicle's non-driven wheels continue to be free with turn, as well as the driven wheels can nonetheless turn individually. For this cause, it happens to be suggested with utilize the hand brake considering this really locks the wheels plus prevents them from moving. It is typical of front-wheel-drive cars for the parking brake with lock the back wheels, thus utilize of both the parking brake as well as the transmission park lock delivers the best safety against unintended movement about slopes. This also increases the lifetime of the transmission as well as the park pin system, considering parking about an incline with all the transmission inside park without the parking brake involved might result undue strain found on the parking pin, plus will even avoid the pin from releasing. A hand brake must furthermore avoid the vehicle from moving when a used selector accidentally drops into reverse gear whilst idling.

A automobile ought to be authorized with come with a complete stop before setting the transmission into park with avoid damage. Usually, Park is regarded as just 2 choices inside that the car's engine is began, the alternative being Neutral. This really is usually attained through a usually open inhibitor switch wired inside series with all the starter engine engagement circuit, that is shut whenever P or N is chosen, completing the circuit. In several contemporary vehicles plus pickups, the driver need the foot brake used before the transmission is taken from park. The Park position is omitted about buses/coaches with automatic transmission, that should rather be located inside neutral with all the air-operated parking brakes set.

This engages reverse gear in the transmission, permitting the car with be driven backward, plus operates a switch with start the white backup lights for improved awareness. To select reverse inside many transmissions, the driver should come with a complete stop, depress the shift lock switch plus select reverse. Not coming with a complete stop could result serious damage with the transmission. Many contemporary automatic transmissions have a protection device inside area, that does, with certain extent, avoid inadvertently placing the auto inside reverse whenever the car is moving forward; these a system will comprise of the solenoid-controlled bodily barrier about either side of the Reverse position, electronically involved with a switch found on the brake pedal. Therefore, the brake pedal should be depressed inside purchase with enable the selection of reverse. Some electronic transmissions avoid or delay engagement of reverse gear completely when the vehicle is moving.

Many shifters with a shift switch enable the driver with freely move the shifter from R with N or D without really depressing the switch. But, the driver cannot shift back with R without depressing the shift switch, with avoid accidental shifting that might damage the transmission, particularly at significant speeds.

Neutral / No gear
This disengages all gear trains in the transmission, effectively disconnecting the transmission within the driven wheels, permitting the car with coastline freely below its own fat plus gain momentum without the motive force within the engine. Coasting in idle down extended grades ought to be prevented, though, because the transmission's lubrication pump is driven by non-idle engine RPMs. Similarly, emergency towing with an automatic transmission inside neutral ought to be a last resort. Manufacturers know emergency instances plus list restrictions of towing a car inside neutral. This really is truly the only different selection inside that the vehicle's engine can be began.

This position enables the transmission with engage the full range of accessible forward gear ratios, permitting the car with move forward plus accelerate by its range of gears. The amount of gear ratios in the transmission depends found on the model, however they initially ranged from 3, with 4 plus five speeds. Six-speed automatic transmissions are the most popular providing inside vehicles plus pickups from 2010 inside carmakers because Toyota, GM plus Ford. However, seven-speed automatics are becoming obtainable in certain high-performance creation deluxe vehicles, because are eight-speed autos inside models from 2006 introduced by Aisin Seiki Co. inside Lexus, ZF plus Hyundai Motor Company. From 2013 are accessible 9 speeds transmissions yielded by ZF plus Mercedes 9G.
The V50 generation wasn't accessible because a Camry—only because a Vista—as a sedan, and a station wagon called Vista Ardeo. 1.8 L plus 2.0 L motors were accessible. The interior qualities a center instrument panel/navigation show.

Vista V50 is noticeable considering it's among the initial fruits of Toyota's company-wide platform renewal efforts well-known as the MC. Studies for unique front-wheel drive platform plus packaging design started inside 1993 plus appeared about marketplace inside February 1997 inside the Toyota Prius, nevertheless the Vista is the initial mass-production, FWD Toyota with a brand-new platform. Toyota claims this really is the initially true redesign plus re-think of its FWD platforms because the 1982 Camry/Vista. With this platform, Toyota trades back MacPherson Struts for a torsion beam axle setup. A double-wishbone setup is accessible for all-wheel drive. Toyota equally flipped the engine orientation thus which the consumption manifold is within front, improving area efficiency.

Production for the Vista halted inside July 2003, because Toyota ready with rename the Vista dealers because the Netz dealership network. The move with simplify Toyota's dealership came inside light of the pending Lexus release inside Japan, planned for August 2005. In April 2005 the procedure was complete plus all Vista dealers became Netz dealers.
The Toyota Camry is a mid-size automobile that has been available by Toyota between September 1996 plus 2001 inside Japan plus North America, plus 1997 plus 2002 inside Australia. Introduced about 3 September 1996, the XV20 series represented the 4th generation of the Toyota Camry in every markets outside of Japan, that followed a different generational lineage. The XV20 Camry range is split into different model codes indicative of the engine. Four-cylinder models use the SXV20 plus SXV23 codes, with MCV20 designating the six-cylinder versions.

The XV20 Camry continued because a sedan plus station wagon, though the latter model wasn't available inside North America, where the sedan was established inside 1996 for the 1997 model year. The XV20 Camry was available inside 2.2-liter I4 plus 3.0-liter V6 versions. This was the initially Camry with be badge-engineered because a Daihatsu; the Daihatsu Altis available inside Japan was identical with the export variation of the Camry. The Japanese Scepter ceased with exist because the Japanese Camrys adopted the 1,795 mm broad platform, therefore incurring an improved taxes liability inside Japan due with its extended size plus width according with Japanese outdoor dimension limits. The Vista started departing within the Camry, remaining 1,700 mm broad plus eventually forming the basis of the growing Corolla. Additionally, the Vista's sheet metal resembled a tall, formal sedan, when the Camry became sleeker. The Lexus ES 300 was again built within the Windom, that utilizes the Camry chassis.

As Japanese yen soared inside the mid-1990s, the redesigned Camry had less content than the past model beneath stress with minimize bills. After the first of the XV10 inside 1991, development instantly started below Kosaku Yamada. Styling ended with a winning shape competition proposal "C" by Masahiko Kawatsu being selected inside August 1993, 36 months before scheduled manufacturing. The final XV20 shape was later frozen inside April 1994, 28 months before scheduled creation begin inside August 1996. Prototypes were tested throughout 1995 plus 1996.

In August 1999 for the 2000 model year, the sedan models inside North America received a mid-model upgrade with the front plus back fascias, this included heavier headlights which today feature a four-bulb program rather of 2, a separated grille with chrome surround, greater taillights, plus greater body-side modeling. Toyota Australia began creation of the facelift model inside 2000.
XV20 Camrys were produced inside at the Tsutsumi plant inside Toyota City, Japan; Toyota Australia's center inside Altona, Victoria; at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky manufacturing website inside Georgetown, Kentucky, United States. Production inside Thailand started inside 1999, substituting Australia because the source of Camrys inside Southeast Asia.
1997–2000 Toyota Camry Conquest sedan.

In Australia, unlike the past generation, the Camry name was furthermore used with the V6 variants, when the Vienta V6 range was revised because the "upmarket" models. The line-up of 4-cylinder Camry models consisted of the CSI, Conquest plus CSX models; all 3 variants were obtainable in sedan or wagon body designs. The Camry V6 models consisted of CSI plus Conquest, with all the wagon models just obtainable in automatic transmission.

The Camry V6 Touring Series sedan model was introduced inside March 1999.

The Vienta line up consisted of VXI plus Grande sedan models as well as the VXI wagon. The VXI model was a V6-powered variation of the 4-cylinder Camry CSX model.
1998–2000 Toyota Camry CSi wagon, Australia
2000–2002 Toyota Camry Conquest wagon, Australia

In September 2000, the revised Camry was established. The Vienta V6 range was discontinued due with the release of the Avalon sedan inside July 2000 plus 2 unique models were put into the Camry range: the top-of-the-range Azura V6 sedan as well as the Touring Series V6 wagon, both of that were accessible with an automatic transmission just. Towards the finish of the model run, the limited edition Intrigue plus Advantage sedans were established.

Wheel sizes fluctuate about this form of Camry, with several utilizing 14" wheels, whilst others utilize 15".
United States, the Camry SE was dropped as well as the base model was renamed the CE for the 1997 model year. Both the LE as well as the XLE trims were carried over within the past generation. All trim degrees were accessible with either the 2.2-liter I4 or the 3.0-liter V6 engine except the Solara SLE, that was just accessible with all the V6. TRD available a supercharger kit for 1997–2001 V6 models raising energy with 247 hp plus 242 lb·ft of torque. The LE-based Gallery Edition plus Collector Edition were new for 2001 model year. Many of the generation Camry available inside the US are being yielded at TMMK and at Tsutsumi Plant inside Toyota, Aichi, Japan. A Camry produced inside Japan is denoted with a VIN beginning with "JT1"; US-made models are denoted with a VIN beginning with "4T1".

Power was improved somewhat with 133 hp SAE for the 5S-FE 2.2-liter I4 plus 192 hp SAE for the 1MZ-FE V6. Manual transmissions were just accessible found on the CE trim level, LE V6, plus Solara SE model.

Toyota inside 1999 available a four-cylinder, non-hybrid CNG-powered XV20 Camry inside California with fleet visitors.

A coupe was added inside 1998 for the 1999 model year, plus then a convertible shape inside 1999 for the 2000 model year. On the other hand with the coupe within the third-generation Camrys, the brand-new two-door vehicles were provided a separate nameplate Toyota Camry Solara, or Solara. They were also a extensive styling departure within the sedan. The Solara was obtainable in SE plus SLE trims, related approximately with the sedan's LE plus XLE trims.

The Camry V6 was again about Car plus Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1997.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Camry a "Good" total score inside their frontal offset crash test. Front seat-mounted side torso airbags were optional beginning about 1999 models.
The XV20 was moreover available inside Europe. However like its predecessor, the Camry XV10, the range became a lot more limited.

Launched someplace inside 1997, the range consisted the 2.2i GL plus 3.0i GX models inside sedan shape just. Like the Camry XV10, the GX was just accessible with an automatic transmission. The 2.2i GL was just accessible with a manual transmission.

The Camry received a 4 from five star protection rating inside Euro NCAP's test, due with its side airbags.

In contemporary use, a torque converter is usually a kind of fluid coupling which is chosen with transfer rotating energy from a prime mover, like an internal combustion engine or electrical engine, with a rotating driven weight. The torque converter usually takes the area of the mechanical clutch inside a car with an automatic transmission, permitting the weight with be split within the force source. It is commonly found amongst the engine's flexplate as well as the transmission.

The key characteristic of the torque converter is its ability with increase torque whenever there is a significant difference between input plus output rotational speed, therefore providing the similar of the reduction gear. Many of these equipment are moreover built with a temporary locking system that rigidly binds the engine with the transmission whenever their speeds are almost equal, with avoid slippage along with a resulting reduction of efficiency.

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