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Jeep Cherokee Wagoneer Comanche 1984 2001 Haynes Service Repair Manual

About the Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) has been a unibody (monocoque) compact SUV. It shared the specific original full-size SJ model, but without a body-on-frame chassis, it set the stage to get the modern SUV. Its innovative appearance and sales popularity spawned important imitators as other automakers did start to notice the fact that model began replacing regular cars. The msrp was a built in Toledo, Ohio, in Beijing, China, in Ferreyra, Argentina and Valencia, Venezuela. The XJ platform provided the mechanical foundation for the MJ-series Jeep Comanche pickup.

The XJ was chosen by Robert Cumberford of Automobile magazine among the 20 greatest cars in history, calling it "One of the best SUV shape out of them all, actually it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired

Designs you get with the XJ Cherokee go as far back to 1978 each time a team of American Motors (AMC) and Renault engineers drew several sketches. A few clay models were in line with the existing SJ Cherokee. Early sketches of the possible XJ Cherokee had a European influence, a great number of each and every styling cues were done by AMC engineers according to the direction of Richard A. Teague, Vice President of Design. I thought this was a "masterpiece" design and paradigmatic model.

Noticing that General Motors was developing a new two-door S-10-based Blazer, AMC decided I would design an entirely new four-door model. AMC's Second In Command of Engineering, Roy Lunn, designed the thing that is known as the Quadra-Link suspension that limited rollovers. Renault's François Castaing developed the drivetrain working with a much smaller engine than normally found in 4WD vehicles and reduced the extra weight you get with the new model,

The XJ Cherokee introduced just for the 1984 model year was the first one Jeep with a ladder-boxed chassis integrated right into a single monocoque unit as opposed to the traditional separate body-on-frame construction. The design and style was rigid and sturdy, "yet wonderfully lightweight, Uniframe permitted outstanding performance in spite of AMC's new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine."

Both two- and four-door versions while using the XJ Cherokee were offered throughout its lifetime, each having identical track and wheelbase measurements. Two-door models, however, received longer doors and front seats that hopefully will fold forward to assistance with rear passenger entry and exit. I thought this was combined with extended-length rear windows that did not open, although an optional rear vent window was available on some models.

A variation on the Cherokee from 1984 through 1990 was the Jeep Wagoneer. These were unrelated to the similarly named full-sized Grand Wagoneer models which in fact had carried the Wagoneer name before this point. The compact XJ Wagoneer was available in two trim levels: the "Wagoneer" in addition to "Wagoneer Limited". Both Wagoneers were distinguished by means of Cherokee models by their two vertically arranged headlights on each area of the grille. The Wagoneer Limited was included with vinyl wood trim found on the sides and leather seats embossed with "Limited."

This version was the most important to be sold in Europe; finally it was launched in 1992 in some markets, 1993 for all the The United Kingdom. Early versions had the 4.0 L (242 CID) six-cylinder engine only; the 2.5 L (150 CID) engine still did not arrive in Europe until 1995.

In mid-1985, a two-wheel-drive version of the particular Cherokee was in addition to the lineup. This marked earlier any Jeep product was offered with two-wheel drive since 1967, and was carried out in the expectation of attracting a few more buyers who decided not to need (or would you like to pay for) four-wheel drive. When the XJ Cherokee-based Comanche (MJ) truck was introduced, it actually was also for sale in two- and four-wheel drive. The new two-wheel-drive models shared the front suspension with four-wheel-drive models. Jeep simply used a single axle tube from hub to hub with no differential between, resulting in a low added cost front suspension.

American Motors's compact XJ Cherokee was to be replaced by using a new and larger model that is called the ZJ (later named the Jeep Grand Cherokee when introduced in 1993) that led to under development by AMC. However, the smaller model's continuing popularity caused Chrysler executives to rethink this decision, regularity of use . the ZJ models were introduced in 1993, the XJ models were retained until 2001. The Jeep XJ has remained a popular choice by off-roading enthusiasts because potent off-roading capability in stock form. Its popularity has resulted in strong ongoing aftermarket support by drinking a wide array of products and upgrade availability.

After 13 numerous years of production, 1997 saw the Cherokee receive updated inside and outside styling. Both the two- and four-door bodies remained in production, receiving a steel liftgate (replacing the fiberglass one used previously),a new taillight design, additional plastic molding along side the doors, and a new front header panel that featured more aerodynamic styling.

The interior was similarly updated by using an all-new design and instruments, as well as stiffer unibody frame brought improvements to Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) measurements. Also contributing to NVH improvements were new door seals that reduced wind noise at higher speeds.

During the 1999 model year, vehicles making use of 4.0 liter (242 CID) engine received a much improved intake manifold. I thought this was done to help counteract smaller exhaust porting on the latest casting of cylinder heads, that has been carried out on meet more stringent emissions control laws. Both the four- and six-cylinder engines were offered while using the 2000 model year, though only the straight-six was easily obtainable in 2001. For those who are 2000 and 2001 model years, all six-cylinder XJs received a distributorless ignition system using coil-on-plug ignition replacing the 'traditional' system previously used; put together with better exhaust porting together with the newer intake manifolds, this gave a minor increase in power over the previous models. Transmission, axle, and transfer case choices were carried over from the previous models.

However, major changes were underway with a brand new executive, Wolfgang Bernhard, who was simply called a "cost-slasher" nicknamed "whirlwind", came from Mercedes-Benz to turn around Chrysler. "Among the initial moves Bernhard made when he came to Chrysler mre than 10 years ago was to help kill the Jeep Cherokee, an aging, somewhat bland SUV." Thus, the (XJ) Cherokee line was replaced in 2002 because of the Jeep Liberty (KJ), even though it is referred to as the "Cherokee" divorce lawyers atlanta foreign markets. The Cherokee (XJ) remains a popular vehicle among off-roading enthusiasts who modify such components for the reason suspension, drive train, and steering. When (XJ) Cherokee production ended in beginning of 2001, the portion with regards to the Toledo South Assembly Plant devoted to its production was slowly torn down.

American Motors established the very first automobile manufacturing three way partnership on the inside People's Republic of China to assemble the four-door Cherokee. Production continued after Chrysler's buyout of AMC. Chrysler executives were concerned over licit and illicit technology transfers when knock-offs of the possible Cherokee began appearing contained in the Chinese market. The Chinese market BJ 7250 and BJ 2021 (rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive respectively) had a raised roof active in the rear, as the pair were often intended as chauffeur driven. Production under Mercedes-Benz continued from inside the partnership that was renamed Beijing-Benz DaimlerChrysler Automotive. The most up-to-date model by using an updated grille, headlights, as well as other upgrades was medically known as the "Jeep 2500" and was produced until 2005. It is truly notable that AMC's original Cherokee design continued to dispose of virtually unchanged after over twenty years.

Jeep Cherokee, Wagoneer and Comanche Haynes Owners Service, Workshop and Repair Manual 1984 - 2001 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000


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