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Holden HQ HJ 8 cyl 1971 1976 Gregorys Service Repair Manual

About the Holden HQ
ENGINES: 2.84-litre six-cylinder '173'. 3.3-litre six-cylinder '207, 4.2-litre V8 '253'. 5-litre V8 '308' and 5.74-litre V8 350.

TRANSMISSIONS: Three-speed manual gearbox. four-speed manual gearbox. three-speed Trimatic automatic transmission and three-speed Turbohydramatic 400 automatic transmission (only with the '350' V8).

MODELS: Belmont sedan. Belmont station wagon. Belmont panel van. Belmont utility. Kingswood sedan. Kingswood station wagon, Kingswood utility. Sandman panel van. Sandman utility. SS sedan. Premier sedan, Premier station wagon. Holden cat/chassis truck, Monaro coupe. Monaro GTS coupe, Monaro GTS 350 coupe. Monaro LS
(luxury Sports) coupe. Monaro GTS sedan. Statesman sedan and Statesman De Ville sedan.

DIMENSIONS (BASIC SEDAN): Length. 4762 mm: Wheelbase: 2819 mm; Width: 1880 mm.

IDENTIFICATION: M-new body with 'creased side panels: grille separated from headlights: recessed grille featuring horizontal bar with central Holden (or GTS) badge: Premier has tour headlights. Kingswood two. front turn and rear turn indicators and stop-lights are incorporated into bumpers.


The HQ Holden series brought about major changes and improvements to all Holden variants. Modern Motor magazine editors said that an 8800 kilometre test of the IIQ kingswood had shown that the new model 'raised the average family man's car to above average status'. In many other quarters, the HQ Holden was hailed as the most significant Holden since the original 48-215. As well as introducing new versions of the previous Holden sedans, wagons and coupes, the range included a new long wheelbase luxury model called Statesman. The HQ's six-cylinder engines were carried over from the FIG, but with a longer stroke to increase the capacity. Two versions of the local VS were offered with the imported Chevrolet '350' still as available in the Monaro. The HQ was the first Holden built with a semi-chassis frame (to improve rigidity and reduce noise and vibration) and it introduced other new features including flow through ventilation and four wheel coil springing. During the three years the HQ
series stayed in production, various I 'specials', such as the 'Vacationer' option package, were announced. The sporty Holden SS V8 sedan featured a four-speed manual gearbox and many Monaro details. In March 1973, a four-door Monaro GTS sedan, with virtually the same specifications as the GTS coupe. was released. I hat Sallie year, a silver Holden Premier went on sale to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Holden car. The Statesman, which replaced the Brougham. was built on the extended wagon wheelbase and was 26 cm longer than the other sedans. It was available in Custom and De Ville versions. The IIQ range also included utilities, panel vans and Holden's first cab/chassis truck. The HQ design placed a considerable emphasis on safety.. Nearly half a million HQs were sold. That made it easily the biggest-selling single Holden model range, although the sales were made over a longer period than previous models.

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