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BMW 3 Series E36 E37 Z3 1992 1998 Haynes Service Repair Manual

About the BMW 3 series

The BMW 3 Series is a compact executive car manufactured by the German automaker BMW since May 1975. Successor to the BMW New Class, it has been produced in five different generations and in no less than five different body styles. It is BMW's best selling vehicle, accounting for nearly 40% of the company's car sales in 2005. The E36 BMW 3 Series is an entry-level luxury car / compact executive car. It was the successor to the BMW E30 and was eventually superseded by the BMW E46 starting in 1999 for saloons, and 2000 for coupes and cabriolets. The E36 was introduced in 1990. The E36 experienced enormous success in the market. It laid strong foundations for the success that the BMW E46 experienced in subsequent years. The E36 was sold from 1990 until 2000 in various bodystyles. It employed the "Z-axle" multilink suspension in the rear which had been proven in the Z1. VANOS variable valve timing was introduced on the DOHC L6 engines in 1993. The four-door E36 was produced from early 1990, initially for sale in Europe only, and was introduced to other worldwide markets up to a year later. The E36 coupe was produced from 1991, with the Cabriolet version following in 1992. The 3-door hatchback "Compact" was introduced in 1994 and was moderately popular in Europe. The BMW Compact was identical to the regular E36 saloon from front bumper to A-Pillar. Everything else was unique, namely its rear semi-trailing arm suspension, based on the old E30, instead of the Z-Axle Multilink employed in all other E36's. The Z3 and M Coupe have similar rear suspension setups as well. BMW developed several prototype 5-door versions of the Compact model, but these never entered production. The "Touring" estate also began production in 1994, but was never offered in the United States. The 2.5 L M50B25 used in the 325 models was replaced in 1996 with the 2.8 L M52B28, creating the 328i line. Another 2.5 L engine, the M52B25, was reintroduced in 1998 but the cars were sold as 323 rather than 325.

BMW 3-series E36,E37 and Z3 1992-1998 Haynes repair manual NEW 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

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