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Toyota Hi-Lux 4Runner

Toyota Hi-Lux 4Runner

The Toyota Hilux (in addition stylized as HiLux and typically as Hi-Lux) try a few small trucks produced and marketed because of the Japanese maker Toyota. More region put the Hilux name for the entire life of the show but in the united states, the Hilux title is retired in 1976 and only vehicle, vehicle, or lightweight vehicle. In North America the popular solution bundle, the SR5 (Sport Rally 5-Speed), ended up being colloquially put as a model name the truck, even though the choice bundle has also been used on more Toyota models just like the Corolla. In 1984, the Trekker, the camper type of the Hilux, was renamed since the 4Runner in Australian Continent and united states, so when the Hilux browse in Japan. In 1995, Toyota launched a new pickup model, the Tacoma in North America, discontinuing the Hilux/Pickup truth be told there. The 4Runner is now a complete SUV, as well as the more recent models never look like the Tacoma.

In May 1972, the 1973 model year Hilux was released once the RN20. Nicknamed the a Portmanteau of Rocket Hilux", an even more comfortable indoor is specified with exterior changes. A 2.25 m (7.4 ft) "long sleep" is an option for the first time in the united states, although these types of a version was indeed offered global since April 1969. This gotten the "RN25" chassis signal. The 2.0 liter 18R motor became obtainable in belated 1973 in Japan besides, albeit only in conjunction with a three-speed automated transmission.

The Hilux had been drastically redesigned in 1975 to be larger with increasing standard gear. In North America the new variation furthermore implied the development of the considerably bigger (2.2 L) 20R motor while the SR5 upscale trim package. A five-speed guide transmission became recommended. In North America, the Hilux title ended up being completely phased out in favor of "vehicle" by that season, creating been fallen from leaflets and advertising beginning in 1973.

Worldwide markets:

1972--1978: 1.6 L (1587 cc) 12R I4, 83 PS (61 kW)
1973--1978: 2.0 L (1968 cc) 18R I4, 105 PS (77 kW)

United states areas:

1973--1974: 2.0 L (1968 cc) 18R SOHC I4, 81 kW (110 PS; 109 hp)
1975--1978: 2.2 L (2189 cc) 20R SOHC I4, 72 kW (98 PS; 97 hp)

The 1.6 L (1587 cc) 12R ended up being produced from 1969 through 1988. It absolutely was furthermore built-in the Philippines since the 12R-M, by Toyota's regional internet Delta engines company.
Specialized Specs (Finnish Owner's guide from 1973 Corona Mark 1)
- Four cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV
- Bore & stroke: 80.5 78.0mm
- Compression proportion: 8,5:1
- greatest power: 90 PS/5400rpm SAE

The 12R-LPG, ended up being created from 1969 through 1983.
Technical Specs : 1975 59KW 80HP redline 4,400 rpm


1971-1978 Toyota Corona
1971-1972 Toyota Hilux
1977 Toyota Hiace
1975 Toyota Hiace Professional Camper
1976 Daihatsu Taft (F20)
Delta Mini Cruiser/Explorer
The 18R show shared a 2.0 L (1,968 cc) block; cylinder bore is 88.5 mm (3.48 in) and stroke is 80 mm (3.15 in).

The 2 device, SOHC models are below:
Signal energy kW (hp) Torque N*m (lb*ft) many years remarks
18R 78 (105) 142--145 (105--107) 1971--1981
18R-C 72 (97) at 5500 rpm 143--145 (106--107) at 3,600 rpm 1971--1981 emissions controls - internationally (Californian specifications)
18R-U 75 (100) at 5,500 rpm 152 (112) at 3,600 rpm 1975--1978 emissions controls - Japan
18R-E 84 (113) at 5,600 rpm 172 (127) at 4,400 rpm 1974--1975 EFI, Japan just


1972 Toyota Corona 2000
1972 Toyota Corona 2000 MK. II
1972 Toyota Celica 2000
197X Toyota Cressida 2000/Gen1
1972-1974 Toyota Hilux, 108 hp (80.5 kW)
1974-1981 Toyota Celica 2000

The redesigned Hilux ended up being introduced in August 1978, with a 4WD variant launched in Jan 1979. The 4WD variant -- maybe not offered with any machines smaller compared to the two-litre "18R" -- featured some common technology with all the larger Toyota Land Cruiser. Creation of the four-wheel drives ended in July 1983, however some 2WD modifications proceeded in parallel using next generation. The L series diesel motor ended up being offered on 2WD variations from September 1979 as well as the 4WD variations in March 1983. In Japan, the Hilux had been joined up with using the brand new Toyota MasterAce, revealing burden carrying tasks, and offered at Toyota shop locations alongside the Hilux.

In united states the Hilux saw the employment of four-wheel drive. They have a great front axle and leaf suspension system. Your body spotted a redesign that included solitary circular headlights and a less complex human anatomy. This latest 4WD setup showcased a gear driven RF1A transfer circumstances. This transfer situation is exclusive for the reason that its low-range reduction section could be replicated, utilizing exactly what some make reference to as a dual or triple transfer circumstances. This leads to a much reduced total equipment proportion. It was the initial Hilux readily available with an automatic transmission.

In 1981 an automobile developing contract ended up being set up between Toyota, Winnebago companies as well as 2 more aftermarket customizers. This is allowing Toyota to enter the SUV marketplace in united states. The motors which lead with this collaboration are the Trekker (Winnebago), Wolverine, and also the Trailblazer (Griffith). All three made use of the Hilux 44 RV cab and framework, and an all-fiberglass rear section (the Trailblazer had a steel sleep with a fiberglass top). There have been about 1,500 Trekkers, 400 Trailblazers and an unknown range Wolverines marketed in the united states. Analysis and development work on the Trekker resulted in the development of the 4Runner/Hilux search, which was released in 1984.

Toward the termination of the SR5's manufacturing run (1983 model 12 months), Toyota introduced the true luxury Mojave the US markets as a limited-production (3,500 products) model with options not available on some other Toyota pickup. List coming in at US$8,308, they featured container seating, two-speaker multiplex broadcast, chrome front side and rear bumpers, no Toyota logo design on either the grille or tailgate. Cruise control, power steering, and air-conditioning had been optional. It had been run on the SR5's standard 2.4 L (150 cu in) inline four.


1978--1983: 1.6 L (1587 cc) 12R SOHC I4, 80 PS (59 kW) at 5200 rpm and 12.5 kg*m (123 N*m) of torque at 3000 rpm (RN30/40)
1981--1983: 1.8 L preflow, 4-speed guide (Australia)
1978--1980: 2.2 L (2189 cc) 20R SOHC I4, 67 kW (91 PS; 90 hp) at 4800 rpm and 165 N*m (122 lb*ft) of torque at 2400 rpm
1981--1983: 2.4 L (2366 cc) 22R SOHC I4, 98 PS; 97 hp (72 kW) at 4800 rpm and 175 N*m (129 lb*ft) of torque at 2800 rpm
1981--1983: 2.2 L diesel I4, 46 kW (63 PS; 62 hp) at 4200 rpm and 126 N*m (93 lb*ft) of torque (SR5 long sleep only into the US), LN30/40

N80, N90, N100, N110, N120, N130; 1988--1997
The following redesign, in 1988, created a longer-wheelbase choice, 3,099 mm (122 in) in the place of 2,616 mm (103 in) for the regular wheelbase. Their single-piece cargo-box wall space removed the rust-prone seams that were present in earlier in the day designs. The V6 Xtracab SR5 generated Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the season award that season. The Xtracabs now showcased additional place behind the leading seats compared to the last generation which permitted recommended jump-seats for rear guests, a feature most in accordance with rivals of the time.

In 1991, United states manufacturing began at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, Ca (the VIN on these automobiles begins with '4T'), however some trucks marketed in the us throughout the 91--95 model years remained stated in Japan (VIN begins with 'JT').

The Hilux got a small facelift in 1991 (when it comes to 1992 model seasons), which was a small grill modification together with brand new Toyota emblem that were recently adopted.

It was in this generation that Toyota discontinued the Hilux in the United States, changing it because of the brand-new Tacoma in 1995.


1988--1995: 1.8 L (1,812 cc) 2Y-U I4, 58 kW (79 PS; 78 hp) at 5,000rpm 140 N*m (100 lb*ft) at 3,200rpm

2Y I4, 61 kW (83 PS; 82 hp) at 4,800rpm 140 N*m (100 lb*ft) at 2,800rpm (export markets)

1989--1997: 2.4 L (2,366 cc) 22R-E SOHC EFI I4, 84 kW (114 PS; 113 hp) at 4,600 rpm and 192 N*m (142 lb*ft) at 3,400 rpm
1989--1995: 3.0 L (2,958 cc) 3VZ-E V6, 112 kW (152 PS; 150 hp) at 4,800 rpm
1989--1997: 2.4 L (2,446 cc) 2L-II diesel I4, 66 kW (90 PS; 89 hp) at 4,200 rpm and 167 N*m (123 lb*ft) at 2,400 rpm
2.8 L (2,779 cc) 3L diesel I4, 67 kW (91 PS; 90 hp) at 4,000 rpm and 188 N*m (139 lb*ft) at 2,400 rpm

Volkswagen built and advertised them underneath the Volkswagen Taro title from February 1989 to March 1997.
N140, N150, N160, N170; 1997--2005
The Hilux is produced in Colombia for deals in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador from 1998 to 2005 by the SOFASA business (with just petrol machines 2.7 L). In Venezuela and Ecuador, the single-cab 2WD chassis/long bed is known as the Stout II). For selling in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, it had been imported from Japan from 1998 through 2004 (petrol engined 2.7 L, and diesel-engined 2.8 L). This design wasn't sold in Argentina or Brazil due to the fact 5th generation Hilux have got a redesign and update.

South United states areas:

solitary cab chassis (2WD, 4WD petrol engines) (for product sales in Colombia and Ecuador)
solitary taxi long bed (2WD,4WD, petrol and diesel motors) (all South US region)
Xtracab (4WD, petrol and diesel engines) (in Bolivia just)
team cab (2WD,4WD, petrol and diesel engines)(all South American countries) (Named the Hilux Millenium from 2002 through the provide)


Toyota shifted production from Hilux Mighty-X (5th generation) toward Hilux Tiger (6th generation) in the late 1990s making they the worldwide export hub. The Thailand-made Hilux Tiger experienced listed here variations:

1998--1999: Hilux Tiger utilizing the 3.0 L 5L engine
2000--2001: Hilux Tiger using 3.0 L 5L-E EFI motor
2001: Hilux Tiger with 1KZ motor (short lived replaced right-away with D4D engine)
Belated 2001 -- belated 2004: Hilux Tiger SportCruiser with D4D motor

In 2005, Toyota ceased production of the Hilux vehicle the Japanese marketplace. This is the final generation Hilux becoming readily available (or built) in Japan.
The 1KZ-TE is a 3.0 L (2982 cc), 4 cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder turbo diesel motor with indirect shot. Bore is 96 mm and stroke is 103 mm, with a compression proportion of 21.2:1. Optimum result was 130 hp (97 kW) @ 3600 rpm with optimum torque of 287 N*m (211 lb*ft) @ 2000 rpm. Redline are 4400 rpm. First manufactured in 1993, it's still utilized in new-model motors today. The 1KZ-TE also adopts the electronically controlled fuel injection, ETCS-i (Electronic Throttle controls System - smart) tech which can be comparable in basic building to today's gas injector, although making use of dramatically higher injection pressures, its an indirect injection system which provides it a substantial effectiveness and gasoline consumption penalty. It absolutely was changed generally in most areas aided by the 1KD-FTV engine which uses common-rail direct injections and delivers much more power while using significantly less gasoline.

Used in KZJ71W, KZJ78W, KZN160 and KZN165R (Australian & South African delivered design).

The intercooler equipped form of the engine boosts the production of the motor 145 hp (108 kW) @ 3600 rpm and optimum torque of 343 N*m (253 lb*ft) @ 2000 rpm.


Land Cruiser Prado KZJ90, KZJ95, KZJ120L
Hilux Surf KZN130, KZN185
Hilux KZN165

First appearing in 2000, the 1KD-FTV is amongst the newest engines built by Toyota.

The 1KD-FTV is a 3.0L (2982cc) straight-4 typical railway diesel system with an adjustable geometry turbocharger and Intercooler. It offers 16 valves and a DOHC (double overhead camshaft) build. Bore try 96 mm and swing are 103 mm. It makes 172.72 hp (127 kW) at 3400 rpm, and 260 lbf*ft (352 N*m) of torque at 1800-3400 rpm based on marketplace and emission specs. In some markets, outputs are 127kW/410Nm and 140kW/510Nm. Redline of this engine has reached 4200 RPM. Compression proportion are 17.9:1.

This system utilizes Toyota's D-4D typical Rail fuel injections technology operating at ultra high pressures as much as 135 mpa (1350 bar or just around 19,580 psi) that will be about 8 instances above pressure of traditional gas injection techniques within a "common train" that feeds the injectors on all four cylinders. This can be combined with a 32-bit ECU which manages gas volume, valve-timing, and boost pressure at various engine parameters resulting in better fuel economy and in addition full usage of power during speed. Pilot injection can also be used by the common train fuel program to flowing engine process. Smaller amounts of gas is introduced in to the burning chamber before the primary injections event, reducing lag some time marketing most constant and complete burning. Exterior and interior engine sounds normally decreased.

The 1KD engine produces 17per cent most energy with 11% less gasoline consumption than its predecessor, the 1KZ engine.

This engine was first utilized in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, third Generation Hilux Surf and today used in the Toyota Fortuner, Hiace and Toyota Hilux.
Following the February 2004 introduction associated with 2005 design 12 months Tacoma, the seventh generation Hilux had been revealed on March 2, 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Market establish later on started in April 2005. The Tacoma is on the basis of the 4Runner chassis, although the Hilux rides on an revamped type of the ladder framework available on earlier incarnations. The Hilux increased in dimensions after which became categorized as a mid-size pick-up. The Tacoma had a 4.0 L V6 engine that produces 176 kW (236 hp) and 361 N*m (266 lb*ft) of torque. Its build had been much like the 4Runner.

Hilux designs offered in Australian, Middle Eastern, and Asian areas are made and assembled in Thailand, where the vehicle is known as the Hilux Vigo, or simply just Vigo. When it comes to European and South African markets the Hilux is built in Durban, South Africa. At the time of December 2009, it's the best-selling vehicle in Southern Africa. Those offered in South America are available in Argentina, much like the previous generation Hilux. However, the motors are made in Japan (where also, they are utilized in the Prado) in the place of Argentina. In Asia, the Hilux Vigo platform ended up being used because the foundation for Toyota's IMV regimen which produced the Innova MPV and Fortuner SUV/PPV.

In Malaysia, the Hilux is only available in 2.5 L using the solution of solitary taxi or double taxi. The two fold taxi design possess an automatic transmission variation. They uses the exact same system as more Asian countries (in-line, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC Turbo Diesel with common train direct injections), nevertheless machines found in Malaysia vary in their maximum result of 75 kW (101 hp) at 3600 rpm and greatest torque of 260 N*m (192 lbf*ft) at 1600--2400 rpm.

In Singapore, the Hilux can be acquired as just one cab using 2.5 L motor or a dual cab with all the 3.0 L motor. Notable fleet customers integrate personal taxi operators, for who the two fold taxi model provides extra load space usefulness, while the Singapore police and Pakistan Police, which employs it as a patrol automobile.

The Hilux will undoubtedly be integrated Guangqi Toyota vehicle in Guangzhou the Chinese market. The systems for China may be 4.0 L using option of single taxi or dual taxi. They uses the same motor as Australia (V6, 24-valve, DOHC), nonetheless machines used in China happens to be tuned up to the most result of 246 kW (330 hp) at 6500 rpm and greatest torque of 405 N*m (299 lbf*ft) at 4000 rpm, and is mated to a 5-speed automated transmission. China is the only Asian country to obtain the V6 motor.

Two Hilux pickups were joined recently of Dakar Rally because of the Imperial Toyota team of South Africa. Driver Giniel de Villiers obtained third invest 2012, 2nd put overall in 2013, 4th in 2014, and once again 2nd invest 2015. These but are greatly altered non-production versions built around a custom racing-only tubular chassis and utilizing a larger capability Toyota V8 engine.

Machines (areas):

2005 2.0 L gasoline VVT-i DOHC I4 (South Africa, Indonesia and Middle East)
2005 2.5 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4, 76 kW (102 hp) -- 107 kW (145 PS; 143 hp) (Asia, European countries, Southern Africa, South America)
2005 2.7 L fuel VVT-i DOHC I4, 119 kW (162 PS; 160 hp) (Australian Continent, Arabian Peninsula, The Philippines, Southern Africa, Venezuela)
2005 3.0 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4, Turbodiesel, commonrail 16-valve direct injection, 121 kW (165 PS; 162 hp) (Asia, Southern Africa, south usa, Australia, European countries). This variation is manufactured at Toyota's facility in Zrate, Argentina.
2005 4.0 L gas VVT-i DOHC V6, 170 kW (231 PS; 228 hp) -- 176 kW (236 hp) (Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, Asia)
2008 4.0 L Supercharged DOHC V6 225 kW (306 PS; 302 hp) (Australia just, TRD edition)
The Toyota Fortuner, also known as the Toyota SW4, was a mid-sized SUV. Initially assembled only in Thailand, but later on also in Indonesia also countries, the Fortuner is made regarding Toyota Hilux pickup truck platform. They features three rows of seats and is for sale in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The Fortuner is a component of Toyota's IMV venture in Thailand, that also includes the Toyota Hilux therefore the Kijang Innova (in Indonesia). Created in big role by Toyota's Thai procedures, the Fortuner possess piggybacked the prosperity of the Hilux and is today built in some region including Asia, Argentina and Indonesia, although outside Thailand its triumph has-been mixed.

In the Sydney day Herald, Gillard just who worked for the Toyota Technical center (TTC-AU) reported that organization has been working on the Fortuner since 2006. In reality, this athletics Utility Vehicle (SUV) is made in Thailand by Thai and Japanese engineers. But the renovation type of the IMVs motors such as the Fortuner are designed in Australia by Toyota Australian Continent that is also in charge of developing the new generation of this Fortuner.

This vehicles had been the greatest marketing with its category (SUV/PPV) in Thailand.

The Fortuner isn't available in Japan, Europe, North America, Australasia, or China. For the method pick-up established SUV section in those areas, Toyota supplies the Hilux Surf (Japan), 4Runner (united states) and Land Cruiser Prado (European countries, Australasia and Asia). But in a few main American nations (Panama for example), Toyota offers the Fortuner alongside the 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado.
The Hilux have gained a track record of exceptional sturdiness and dependability during suffered heavier usage and on occasion even misuse, and is also known as "The Indestructible Truck". This is further strengthened on BBC motoring tv show Top equipment, when a 1988 diesel Hilux with 305,775 km (190,000 mi) regarding the odometer ended up being put through extraordinary misuse (in series 3, attacks 5 and 6). This contains driving it down a flight of procedures, scraping buildings, crashing headlong into a tree, being beaten up to sea, being submerged in sea water for four-hours, operating it through a garden shed, dropping a caravan about it, striking they with a wrecking ball, position their cabin and sleep region unstoppable, and, finally, putting they in addition to a 73 m (240 ft) block of apartments that has been after that ruined by a building implosion. Even though it is now experiencing severe structural problems, the truck was still operating after becoming fixed without free areas, with only typical hardware that could be present in a truck's toolbox, such screwdrivers, motor oil, and an adjustable wrench. The Hilux at this time rests among the background accessories in Top Gear studio.

In the television a number of 2006, (series 8, episode 3), a Hilux was preferred by Jeremy Clarkson as their system for generating an amphibious car. With assistance, Clarkson rigged the vehicle with a massive outboard engine, and steering method in pickup bed. The truck, redubbed the "Toybota", had been driven by Clarkson over a few kilometers by road and 3.2 kilometer (2 mi) across open water, before capsizing (three metres from the finish) during a fast change. When recovered, the vehicle was relocated back again to the most effective equipment Studio, in which a confident Clarkson stated he would be the one effective at travel his truck house, as it ended up being the indestructible Hilux. Clarkson had finally ruined the "indestructible" after he couldn't obtain the Hilux going. When Clarkson switched the engine over, they produced a puffing and hissing noise as though the injectors or perhaps the heater plugs had been removed.

In 2007, Top Gear went a special plan where Clarkson and James May raced a personalized 2005 design Hilux on magnetic north pole from Northern Canada against Richard Hammond using a dog sled, and claimed. This episode, referred to as Top equipment Polar certain, made the truck 1st motor vehicle to make it to the magnetic north pole. The Hilux used is somewhat modified: bigger rims and thicker tyres were installed, a thick sump guard ended up being set up, the front suspension was moved forward, a gun mount ended up being put in, some effective front side lights had been installed (while they are not recommended, because it is nevertheless polar daytime at 23:30) and a toilet chair (first launched as bull crap xmas current idea in Series 3 event 6 which showcased the Hilux challenge) was installed on a corner bumper.

In 2010, the very best Gear number James May drove a modified Hilux, one which had offered as digital camera crew's car during the 2007 polar special, to approach the summit of an erupting Icelandic volcano (Eyjafjallajkull) and recovered a fragment of volcanic lava. The Hilux was changed for this task by the installing of a simple steel "umbrella" and liquor air conditioning drips for the tyres (show 15, event 1).

Away from TV applications, these motors were proven to go beyond 482,803 km (300,000 mi) with regular maintenance. Additionally it is notorious to be put as an improvised fighting car -- a "technical" -- by militias and unusual military forces, especially in under developed conflicts. The 1980s Toyota War between Libya and Chad ended up being so-named due to the hefty using Hilux vehicles as light cavalry motors.

In October 2007, the Swedish automobile mag Teknikens Vrld performed an elusive manoeuvre (a moose test) that revealed that the manoeuvrability of Hilux vehicle had been lacking for switching dramatically at moderate speeds. The vehicle were unsuccessful the make sure just the motorist's experience stopped they from overturning. After the test Toyota ended the business of Hilux designed with 16" rims in European countries.

Some sort of record was attained by the help staff when it comes to members in 2008/2009 Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole competition. The staff travelled in particularly adapted Toyota Hilux's altered by Arctic Trucks, finishing a vacation of more than 5,000 km (3,100 mi) from Novo, a Russian Scientific section in Antarctica toward Geographic Southern Pole and back, making them the first 44s to achieve the South Pole. The return trip of 2,500 km (1,600 mi) through the South Pole to Novo place had been finished in an archive 8 days and 17 hours.

A group of professional motorists need Toyota Hiluxes for a precision driving program throughout Australia. The Toyota Hilux Heroes started in 2007 and also have become enjoyable millions of spectators at different agricultural programs and engine recreation occasions. The Hilux's tend to be 2007 petrol V6, 42 brands and also custom surprise absorbers, a custom fatigue, recreations seat, rushing harnesses, a roll cage and 16 inches alloy wheels fitted. Overall performance features feature high speed drifting, shut formation driving, cross overs(in which the automobiles race towards the other person at rate), a 12 metre ramp jump and balancing a Hilux on two wheels all choreographed into a 15 moment show.
When Toyota introduced an all new design for 1984, it redesigned both international Hilux and the North
Us pick-up vehicle at exactly the same time. Both designs are in addition nearly identical, except for one really
notable huge difference. Toyota introduced a brand new two fold cab build for overseas international Hilux, but
never did deliver this build into North America. The reasons tend to be not clear, nevertheless the 4 door cab ended up being exceptionally
preferred offshore. One could just imagine if it could happen just as well-known right here. There are many
feasible explainations. One being that the 4 door taxi ended up being an optional mainly intended for commercial
users, that Toyota had practically not one in North America. Another extremely notable difference in our
generation had been the development of IFS on North American products from 1986. The foreign Hilux
never ever performed incorporate IFS on this generation. The solid axle was retained through the end of this production run-on
all systems, except the browse (4Runner). All international different types of the Hilux browse performed go directly to the IFS in 1986 only
like us equivalent. This generation launched a 5 speed transmission and a 4 rate
automatic in certain markets. Some areas, such as for example Australia would not read an optional automated
transmission before existing 2003 model. System choices for the Hilux continuing to include both diesel and
petrol for many products, like those offered in united states. But the diesel had been fallen in North
United states after 1985 and has now never returned since. Petrol motors included the Y show in addition to roentgen show.
The Y series made far less power as compared to R show but ended up being offered in nations particularly Japan and Europe,
in which gas economy is vital. The diesel motor used was the L-series.

One of the more astonishing factual statements about this generation is the fact that although it was replaced generally in most markets in 1989
with an all new human anatomy design, Southern Africa carried on creation of this generation through 1997. They were
manufactured in South Africa, exclusively for the South African marketplace, although many had been sold in other
African nations. These trucks retained the exact same basic framework, human anatomy and suspension system associated with 1984 vehicles
through 1997, with minor revisions. Also a number of the old engines, like the 22R remained in production
through 1997. Toyota built the Hiluxs at a South African manufacturer, solely for South
African marketplace. The main reason Toyota never introduced the new body and interior in South Africa in 1989
ended up being due to the "vehicle content legislation" in Southern Africa at the time. These determined that a specific
percentage of the vehicle must certanly be produced in South Africa before it can be offered truth be told there. As a result, it had been
cheaper for Toyota to continue producing the older human anatomy style rather than attempt to present a brand new human body
style and all sorts of latest tooling. Additionally it is interesting to see that Toyota failed to incorporate all of the same parts our company is
familier with on various other Toyotas. For instance a unique sort of back diff produced by G-max was put in addition to
possibly other areas. This G-max diff (read below for photographs) was also used in various other import trucks
produced in Southern Africa. Due to the fact axle is produced in South Africa they assisted Toyota and other
manufactures to conform to the domestic content guidelines.

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